What Super Bowl Ads Can Tell Us About the Future of the Metaverse

For Millennials and Gen Xers, the Super Bowl halftime show was a landmark event. For the first time, the famous halftime show featured a 100% hip-hop lineup, with tunes from the late ‘90s and early ‘00s. But, while the musical performance might have been a throwback, several of the ads used the same kind of nostalgia to speak to the future – the future of technology, currency, and how we live, work, and play online. Let’s take a quick look at a couple of those ads and what they indicate for the present and future of the metaverse.

“The Moment of Truth”

Crypto.com’s ad featured LeBron James going back to 2003 to tell his younger self about wireless earbuds, streaming TV, and electric cars. The key messaging? “Fortune favors the bold.” Essentially, the point is that alternate currency is going mainstream, and bold investors will be the ones to see the most benefit.

Coinbase’s QR Code

Then there was Coinbase’s bouncing QR code. This was an interesting choice – and one that celebrates the out-of-the-box thinking that metaverse and coin enthusiasts love. Before COVID, the majority of marketing teams had all but given up on QR codes. They felt clunky and weirdly dated – technology that was cool in concept but never really found its niche. Then, with the need for contactless menu options at restaurants and retail stores, QR codes made a quick comeback. And now Coinbase is using them to spread awareness and get people talking.

Miller Lite’s Metaverse-Only Ad

Finally, and (to us) most interestingly, while crypto companies worked to boost their brand recognition, Miller chose to dive in on the metaverse – with a Super Bowl ad that was only viewable in Decentraland. It’s especially noteworthy that Decentraland didn’t need to advertise its existence on NBC. Instead, a huge brand with a long history of buying high-dollar Super Bowl spots decided it was worth the investment to air an ad only in the metaverse.

The public eye is on NFTs and the future of the metaverse. These ads are just the latest bit of evidence of the growing demand for enhanced online experiences and decentralized commerce. We can expect more companies to follow in Miller’s footsteps in coming years, more mainstream uses for crypto, and more bold moves in the market. And we can’t wait to see it all!

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