What NASA’s Partnership with Epic Games Means for Metaverse Marketing

NASA epic games in metaverse project

NASA is giving away $70,000 in prize money to anyone who can create an effective simulation of Mars in the metaverse. In partnership with Epic Games, the NASA MarsXR Challenge is a crowdsourced effort to help NASA take the next steps toward colonization of the red planet.

But why do it in the metaverse? And what can this tell us about the future of Web3, metaverse marketing, and how brands will move into this new online space? Let’s take a look at what NASA’s doing, why they’re doing it, and how companies can use this experiment to achieve their goals, both online and IRL.

The Metaverse Offers Cost-Efficient Simulation Opportunities

First, the MarsXR Challenge is cost-effective on multiple levels – and it allows NASA to run more scenarios and experiments than physical simulations allow. MarsXR already has almost 250 square miles of Mars terrain mapped in its virtual space. That’s far more “land” than the agency could use anywhere in the world in a physical simulation. And, using machine learning algorithms to create virtual spaces, these simulations offer opportunities to test out otherwise dangerous scenarios without putting astronauts’ lives at risk. 

Crowd-sourcing and Decentralization are the Future of Online Experiences

Next, let’s talk about the challenge itself. Crowdsourcing this challenge opens it up to thousands of enthusiastic engineers, developers, and tech enthusiasts – all eager to get the prize money. Similar things are happening with decentralized gaming and virtual spaces. People are building the virtual experiences of their dreams. Crowdsourcing will likely continue to be a big part of the metaverse.

More Realistic Metaverse Experiences are Coming

NASA needs its simulations to be as realistic as possible – or they won’t be much use in developing technologies necessary to reach and colonize Mars. That means, while some metaverse experiences currently feel a bit clunky or unnatural, more realistic experiences are already here. As these experiences and venues develop, brands will have even more opportunities to advertise and do business in the metaverse.

Pay attention to what agencies like NASA and top commercial brands are doing in the metaverse. There’s almost always something to learn from their campaigns and marketing efforts, and you can start to get a better picture of what the future of the metaverse will look like. With that vision, you can use some of the same strategies to position your brand as an early adopter and front-runner in the future of VR, XR, and online experiences.

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Image credit – coinquora.com

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