Welcome to The Metaworld by Zixel

We talk a lot about the future of the metaverse and online events, but – if we’re being completely honest – the future is right here, right now. Imagine getting the opportunity to drop everything and fly to Thailand for a conference where you could learn to create NFTs, play the latest immersive games in a crypto arcade, collect and trade NFTs, and explore a whole new augmented reality experience.

Sounds pretty great, right? With this first-of-its-kind virtual conference, you can do all of that. And you can do it from the comfort of your own home. We were thrilled to host Zipmex’s Metaworld conference, which was available for a limited time in Decentraland.

Building the World’s First Immersive Metaverse Exhibition

TerraZero had the pleasure of building out and hosting this exclusive Zipmex event in Decentraland, and we loved the results. Attendees could choose between a bunch of incredible sessions and activities, including:

  • Into the Metaverse. Explore Decentraland at the event’s game station. Learn how to navigate, create, and trade NFTs in the metaverse.
  • The Zixel NFT Gallery. Discover a hybrid IRL/digital (“phygital”) experience with this gallery of Zixel-curated NFT art. The exhibit allows guests to dive in and “explore NFT art, internet culture, and innovative new concepts from local brands, creators, and artists working in a variety of digital formats.”
  • The Zixel NFT Factory. Exhibition attendees can do more than look at NFTs, though. Take part in the Zixel NFT Factory to learn how to create your own NFTs. Tutorials include head-to-toe avatar creation and posing with motion capture tech, led by Bangkok Naughty Boo, one of Thailand’s biggest influencers. 
  • Arcade. Check out a range of fun games where you can play to earn crypto tokens, prizes, and merch.
  • Exclusive sessions in the Zipmex Experience Center. Learn about the future of crypto, NFTs, and the metaverse from Zipmex experts and tech industry thought leaders.

The event has come to an end now, but we hope you had a chance to make it out! Below is a video of the event.

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