TerraZero Deploys Miller Lite’s Second Activation in Decentraland in Collaboration with Global Superstar J Balvin

Miller Lite's Meta Lite Bar


TerraZero Technologies Inc. (“TerraZero” or the “Company“), a vertically integrated Metaverse technology company, announces the second activation from Miller Lite’s “Meta Lite Bar” in collaboration with world-renowned, music sensation, J Balvin in Decentraland.

The activation sees TerraZero bring back the Miller Lite Meta Lite Bar for another experience, after their successful Big Game Day activation in February 2022—this time with global sensation J Balvin. This is an important milestone for the Metaverse as this activation is social proof that major brands like Miller Lite can find added value, and increased audience engagement through the Metaverse via repeat deployments of their virtual builds.

Where a prototypical marketing campaign would see much overhead spent on a single use activation, the Metaverse presents an opportunity where Miller Lite can build a compelling and immersive experience with their Meta Lite Bar, and bring it back for subsequent activations, creating long-tail value to one marketing spend, where costs streamline and engagement increases over time.

Savvy brands like Miller Lite know that the Metaverse offers both scarcity and longevity; where a cessation of interest can be elevated over a short period of time through one activation—and then that same build and experience can be brought back at a later date, at the brand’s call and decree. TerraZero knows the power this gives brands, which is why their in-house studio designs experiences to deliver on short-term and long-term KPI’s, underscored by actionable analytics.

This activation also brings the brand’s identity to life in a way where a marketing campaign can become a place of socialization, community building, and fandom for both the brand itself, and artist partners like J Balvin.

For J Balvin, known for his ever-evolving approach to fan engagement, the bar takeover connects the artist to his fans through an interactive experience in a way that is more immersive and engaging than music alone. In the experience at the Meta Lite Bar, fans can claim unique wearables for their avatars that channel the personal look and style of J Balvin. From clothing and accessories to brilliant rainbow-colored hair, the Meta Lite Bar makes it possible. These wearables will be worn by avatars throughout their adventures in the Metaverse, showcasing the ways in which Miller Lite remains ahead of the curve by utilizing the combined worlds of technology and entertainment with a consumer-based approach to marketing and promotions.

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