TerraZero Technologies Inc. Built Miller Lite’s “Meta Lite Bar” in Decentraland to Showcase the First Big Game Commercial in the Metaverse

Meta dive bar


TerraZero Technologies Inc. (“TerraZero” or the “Company“), a vertically integrated Metaverse technology company, announces that it successfully designed, built and hosted the Miller Lite’s Meta Lite bar in Decentraland during the Super Bowl on Sunday, February 13, 2022. The event was a huge success with avatars from all around the world entering the Metaverse to experience Miller Lite’s Meta Lite bar for the first Big Game commercial in the Metaverse. This Miller Lite bar and event was done in collaboration with TerraZero, DDB and m ss n g p e ces and was hosted on TerraZero’s virtual land.

With the recent investment and development of our strategic relationship with BIGG Digital Assets Inc. (“BIGG“) (CSE: BIGG;OTCQX: BBKCF), TerraZero expects its studio business to continue to grow with other global brands.

Those who build in the Metaverse know it’s so much more than meets the eye. “Noodle”, TerraZero’s Studio Lead and veteran game designer sees the Metaverse as the next level in hyper-immersive experiential storytelling, “The Meta Lite bar is fun, surreal yet familiar, innately Decentraland and uniquely Miller Lite all at the same time. When you build something for the Metaverse, every user’s experience is going to be personal to them. Understanding that reveals how to develop what will connect with people in a meaningful way.”

Chief Experience Officer (CXO) Brandon F. Johnson sees the Meta Lite bar as proof that we’re looking at the future. “Think of how limitless this can be. Companies have sought to be thought leaders and social creatures for a long time. The Metaverse empowers that for real, in an unreal way. The gamification of experience is the new currency brands and artists can use to foster communities. The Meta Lite bar shows that Miller Lite isn’t afraid to try something new—and they care that their audience has a great time.”

Ryan Kieffer, Chief Metaverse Officer of TerraZero, and Co-Founder of BearNFT, sees the Meta Lite bar as a sign of more to come as brands jump into Web 3’s version of entertainment, “We were very excited to work on this project with DDB and m ss ng p eces, and we definitely proved our vision and know-how in doing Metaverse builds before we started. Being at the forefront of the Metaverse and this event makes me very proud to be the Chief Metaverse Officer of TerraZero.”

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