TerraZero Enters Solana Metaverse ‘Portals’ with Record-Setting ‘Vision’ Access Key Card Acquisition NFT

Portals Vision Metaverse Solana

We announced a significant six-digit USD investment in Solana-based Metaverse platform Portals (www.theportal.to), which represents the largest Portals transaction ever at the time of purchase.

  • Portals, the Metaverse Platform on the Solana Blockchain, anticipates widespread adoption by major industry participants
  • Portals incentivizes community growth, granting significant competitive advantages for NFT holders and builders
  • Portals offers a rare set of 5,000 NFT access key cards, granting access to fully furnished, modular environments
  • With this landmark acquisition, TerraZero secures coveted ‘Vision’ access key card

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