TerraZero Debuts 22Gz Decentraland Music Video

22G in Metaverse with TerraZero

TerraZero, a metaverse firm specialising in building virtual assets and experiences on the Decentraland platform, developed a world-first replica of New York City’s iconic Brooklyn Bridge for Atlantic Records superstar 22Gz’s latest video.

22Gz’s launched the video on 20 May at the drill rapper’s Blixkyverse on Decentraland and hosted the exclusive event for 48 hours.

The Vancouver and Los Angeles-based firm developed the immersive backdrop for 22Gz’s ‘Spin’ music video and has previously created virtual experiences for Miller Lite and its Meta Lite Bar, among others.

Decentraland Bridge

The immersive experience for the acclaimed rapper comes amid Atlantic Record’s efforts to tap immersive technologies to build connections with fans, along with dropping a collection of non-fungible tokens (NFTs).


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