Proprietary Products

Events, Marketing & Prefabricated Buildings

TerraZero offers custom Metaverse activations, concerts, art installations, galleries, museums, film screenings, and more through our Event Hosting services. Previous events include, “To the Moon Fest”, and “NFTS ARE DEAD”.

Entering the Metaverse is not as simple as building a website. Each Metaverse requires different programming languages, 3D modeling capabilities, physics, zoning bylaws, and more. TerraZero provides companies and individuals a turn-key solution to purchase or rent prefabricated buildings and structures compatible with multiple Metaverses. Each structure can be customized and cater to bespoke client needs—with immediate scalability for a much lower cost. TerraZero is building a portfolio of structures which includes a range of office building sizes, retail storefronts, galleries, sports and gaming arenas—even concert stadiums and stages.

Virtual Real Estate

Decentraland HQ of TerraZeroTerraZero owns, acquires, leases, and develops real estate within multiple Metaverses. TerraZero’s HQ is located at 20,123 within Decentraland (DCL) and was opened to the public in January of 2022. We meet virtually in this office space.

TerraZero provides a full service virtual real estate experience including buying, leasing, construction, tenant representation and white-glove brokerage services. Our real estate clients/tenants currently include technology providers for VPN and VOIP. TerraZero is building a proprietary technology platform to link landowners with buyers and renters, for short and long term projects.

TerraZero’s Metaverse real estate strategy is both owning significant real estate assets, and developing technologies and products to empower revenue generation from all other real estate assets.

TerraZero will create data analytics products leveraging AI to provide a competitive advantage for our internal fund and client brokerage.

Infrastructure – Decentralized Gaming 

TerraZero owns and operates Founders Nodes within Gala Games. These provide the backbone and infrastructure for the largest decentralized gaming network in the world.

Owners of Founder’s Nodes utilize personal computing and bandwidth resources, proving they are committed to the growth of this decentralized gaming ecosystem. In this next evolution of gaming, for the first time ever, users truly own the items in the game they play. By running a Founder’s Node, we are taking an integral part in giving players real ownership and control of their assets and content.

The Gala Node ecosystem consists of what is known as a triple-proof node system comprising of Proof-of-Work (PoW), Proof-of-Storage, and Proof-of-Stake (PoS). PoW is referred to as the Founder’s Node, with a total limit of 50,000 licenses. These are owned and operated by early supporters, who can receive NFTs, in-game currency tokens from all games, and the native token $GALA distributed to their Node license for operation time.

PoS are paid nodes, known to operate for particular games with the help of smart contract ‘rental’ design layouts. What makes Gala nodes even more valuable are Proof-of-Storage free nodes. These enable games to be entirely hosted on the node ecosystem, removing their reliance from centralized hosting solutions such as Amazon S3. This also allows individual games to scale their infrastructure as they mature and take on new players, without draining resources from other game networks or the parent development company.

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