PwC Hong Kong Signs Collaboration Agreement With Metaverse Developer TerraZero

PwC TerraZero Builds in Metaverse


TerraZero announces that it entered into a collaboration agreement with PwC Hong Kong (PwC).

TerraZero’s business model is focused on Metaverse product and service development, Metaverse experience creation and deployment, and platform development. Together, PwC and TerraZero are devising a go-to-market strategy to help businesses across all sectors attain, reclaim and invite new audiences and to engage with them in new ways through immersive 3D experiences. The two firms will collaborate to market each other’s services to companies in Hong Kong looking to create experiences across a variety of metaverse platforms.­­­­

As well as public Metaverse experiences with B2B, B2G and B2C applications, PwC will work with TerraZero to explore new ways in which companies can build privately hosted metaverse experiences. These will have the enterprise level safety, privacy and security features that big brands need in order to interact and transact with their customers in ways that build trust with users. “The Metaverse will provide opportunities for all, from consumers to sole proprietors, small and medium-sized businesses, enterprise organizations and governments. There must be secure solutions for all,” says TerraZero CEO Dan Reitzik.

“In addition to creating engaging experiences for customers and delivering sustained outcomes, it is important that companies can manage the risks around user privacy, data security, cyber, payments, tax and financial crime,” says Peter Brewin, Partner, PwC Hong Kong. “TerraZero’s solutions, combined with PwC’s digital expertise in these areas, provide a tool kit for businesses to build experiences that their users can trust.”

“This is a superb step into the metaverse for PwC Hong Kong and TerraZero together,” says Guy Parsonage, Partner, PwC Hong Kong. “It enables us to take full advantage of the amazing experiences that can be created with the technology.”

“TerraZero’s strengths are in creating engagement, community and usability solutions which bridge the real world and the metaverse,” says TerraZero CEO Dan Reitzik. “We are particularly excited about both decentralized metaverse worlds and what TerraZero is creating for private environments: where companies, entrepreneurs, artists and content creators of all kinds can safely conduct transactions and KYC processes, manage their brand IP, and more – all within an environment which brands can completely control themselves. This is the vision we will follow as the metaverse continues to grow and major entities enter the space.”

Corporations or other entities which are interested in receiving additional information about TerraZero’s commercial services and enterprise-grade technologies or which might be looking for an individual Metaverse experience or virtual reality solution for its business.

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