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TerraZero Debuts 22Gz Decentraland Music Video

TerraZero in the Media
22G in Metaverse with TerraZero
TerraZero, a metaverse firm specialising in building virtual assets and experiences on the Decentraland platform, developed a world-first replica of New York City’s iconic Brooklyn Bridge for Atlantic Records superstar 22Gz’s latest video. 22Gz’s launched the video on 20 May at the drill rapper’s Blixkyverse on Decentraland and hosted the exclusive event for 48…

What NASA’s Partnership with Epic Games Means for Metaverse Marketing

NASA epic games in metaverse project
NASA is giving away $70,000 in prize money to anyone who can create an effective simulation of Mars in the metaverse. In partnership with Epic Games, the NASA MarsXR Challenge is a crowdsourced effort to help NASA take the next steps toward colonization of the red planet. But why do…

3 Metaverse Trends to Watch Right Now

Metaverse Retailers
Experts are saying the metaverse market is slated to climb to more than $947B US in the next eight years. At the same time, Meta executive producer Ruth Bram is on record saying, “Both the hardware and software need more work, and it may take five to 10 years to…

Commercial Real Estate Industry, Meet the Metaverse

TerraZero in the Media
Virtual Real Estate Frontier, Meet Architects Developers
Virtual Real Estate Frontier, Meet Architects, ‘Land’ Developers and High-Risk, High-Reward Markets If you’re buying or leasing real estate, concerned with the bricks that sit firmly in a very tangible patch of dirt, location is supreme. Pixels’ worth of virtual “space” in a digital world mean nothing to a broker…