Microsoft’s Mesh for Teams and Meta’s Horizon

When Facebook announced Meta, Microsoft was among the tech supremos next in line to unveil Mesh for Teams, which is their version of the “metaverse”. Both concepts rely on the use of virtual reality goggles and augmented reality technology, with Mesh for Teams seemingly offering something similar, yet different, to Meta’s Metaverse.

Microsoft initially announced Mesh for Teams in November 2021. The company has been developing the technology over the last several months and is now ready to unveil it, just in time as Meta made their announcement last month.

As the world slowly comes bounces back from the pandemic, tech companies seem to be interested in creating tools that will supposedly enhance remote working experiences. Indeed, the pandemic has shown that remote workers are oftentimes as productive, or even more so than working solely in the office.

Yet the big concern on remote work is the mental health effects it has been having on employees. As such, tech companies are looking at innovations to improve and invigorate both remote or even hybrid work experiences. The metaverse announcement by Mark Zuckerberg appears to be just the beginning of what the world of mixed augmented reality will be like.

At TerraZero we don’t develop for these centralized Metaverses, but wanted to share the use case of working in the Metaverse.

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Image credit: Microsoft

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