McDonald’s has filed a trademark for a restaurant in the metaverse that will actually deliver food to your home

Order food in the Metaverse to eat IRL

Virtual Restaurants Are Here!

McDonald’s has filed a series of trademarks for a virtual restaurant that will deliver food online and in person.

The fast-food chain joins a long list of other companies who have announced plans to cash in on Web3, including the metaverse.

The company filed 10 trademark applications to the US Patent and Trademark Office February 4 covering both McDonald’s and McCafe.

One of the trademarks was for “virtual food and beverage products,” including NFTs, while another included “operating a virtual restaurant online featuring home delivery.” It also trademarked entertainment services and events under the McDonald’s and McCafe brands, including “online actual and virtual concerts.”

The trademarks would protect the idea of a McDonald’s restaurant in the metaverse that can sell both virtual and real-world food, Josh Gerben, a trademark lawyer, wrote on Twitter.

This is an example of the intersection of physical and virtual worlds. Panera has also filed a trademark for the Panaverse.

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