As Virtual Real Estate Gets Pricey Terrazero Technologies Provides Metaverse Mortgages

Metaverse Mortgages

TerraZero Provides Metaverse Real Estate Loans to People Looking to Acquire Virtual Land & Homes

While the metaverse has become very popular, virtual land sales have seen significant demand in recent times. Virtual real estate has become expensive, in comparison to the prices 12 months ago, and virtual parcels stemming from a couple of blockchain metaverse projects have sold for seven figures. With virtual real estate getting extremely pricey, one firm called TerraZero Technologies is offering metaverse mortgages.

At the moment virtual real estate has become a hot commodity as people continue to leverage their crypto assets to purchase metaverse parcels. Projects like The Sandbox, Axie Infinity, and Decentraland have seen virtual land parcels sell for hundreds of thousands and even millions. Last November, News reported on a few million-dollar sales in metaverse blockchain worlds. For instance, eight plots of virtual Axie Infinity land sold for 888 ether or $1.5 million at the time of settlement.

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