Metaverse Studio

Metaverse Studio

Building Metaverse experiences in Decentraland, The Sandbox & more

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Building Decentralized Metaverse Experiences

Metaverse Customers

Virtual Real Estate

Vertically integrated virtual real estate solutions empower users to seamlessly rent virtual land in the Metaverse. TerraZero is your gateway to the future economy. Start your next event, remote office, digital storefront, gallery or gaming experience. Learn more

Build Development

Our talent pipeline has created many scenes across multiple Metaverse platforms; adding stunning bespoke functionality, art events, concerts to private galleries, in-world games and much more. Learn more

Events & Marketing

We have the land, talent, and marketing to host your next event or big reveal. Our servers are optimized for live content and streaming. Give your guests the best of the Metaverse. Artists and DJs available. Learn more

Fast Deployment

If you want to get in the Metaverse quickly, TerraZero’s library of prefabricated virtual buildings can serve as a path of least resistance, and maximized user engagement. We can execute your idea in the Metaverse. Learn more

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In The News

TerraZero on Yahoo Finance

TerraZero has recently been featured on CNBC, Bloomberg News, Yahoo! Finance, Bisnow, Cheddar and more.

TerraZero’s Focus

This new paradigm must not be controlled or influenced by single corporations or governments, but instead be governed by its users. Blockchain technology enables this decentralization with added commerce within the Metaverse. Our focus is on decentralized Metaverse development as more platforms move in a this direction.

Almost anything we can do in the real world, we will be able to do in the Metaverse. This includes shopping, live concerts, new businesses, generating incomes, socializing, gaming, casinos and even attending our virtual offices with our real world coworkers.

TerraZero's Virtual HQ
TerraZero Headquarters Render ground level exterior

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Metaverse = $30T

The Metaverse will be worth $30 Trillion by 2035.
– Matthew Ball, Entrepreneur

The Metaverse is going to be the biggest revolution in computing platforms the world has seen — bigger than the mobile revolution, bigger than the web revolution.
– Mark Whitten, Unity Software

Within the next two or three years, I predict most virtual meetings will move from 2D camera image grids… to the Metaverse
– Bill Gates

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